Ovation AB24 Acoustic-Electric Guitar [Ruby Red] Applause Balladeer

Ovation Applause Guitar RedBrand/Model: Ovation AB24-RR

Number of Strings: 6

Hand Orientation: Right

Body Material: Nato top

Neck Material: Mora (Nato)

Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Price Range: Under $300

Our Rating: 8.4/10

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Ovation AB24-RR Guitar Review

Ovation Applause Balladeer Cutaway GuitarOvation is a well-known guitar brand among amateurs and experienced players. With such a reputation to set the standard, their affordable acoustic guitars are definitely worth the buy!

Among the cheapest is the Ovation AB24-RR and AB24-4. The RR stands for the Ruby Red finish and the 4 is indicative of the natural finish, but that’s not all. There’s also the black and honey burst finishes to complete the set.

Why is it so cheap? The cost cuts mainly come from the laminated spruce top, back, and sides. However, Ovation used the best of the nato woods, Mora, for the neck that compliments the standard rosewood fretboard.

The under 200 acoustic guitar does away with the dreadnought body shape and instead opts for a round back lyrachord shape with a cutaway. This is iconic for the entire AB24 series.

Another aspect of cost cuts can be seen in the hardware. Synthetic material composites make up the saddle and the nut. With the die-cast chrome tuning machines to boot, you can probably expect your first issues to arise around here. But, to avoid and prevent issues, baby the guitar within its comfort zone and go for a professional set-up to maximize its life.

The sound is excellent for the cheap acoustic electric guitar. It has a lightweight preamp system, the OP-4BT. Here’s a tip for use: keep the gain low to ensure its bright tonal color for the best sound.

We’re not done here. Make sure you read the rest of this review to completely sate your guitar itch!

Main Advantages:

  • Price
  • OP-4BT Preamp with Tuner
  • Multiple finishes
  • Mid cutaway
  • Available in a kit

Main Drawbacks:

  • Bright tones
  • Few quality control issues

Buyer’s Feedback

Ovation Guitar NeckFor the price, buyers can’t applause any harder for the Ovation AB24-RR acoustic electric guitar. It’s easy to play, tone is clear, and it has light action, the perfect combinations for a beginner git player.

It even comes equipped with a built-in tuner for newbies to hit the right note each and every time.

However, there are some players that complain about the high trebles. Perhaps, if they knew first what they were buying, there wouldn’t be any whinging. Do know that the guitar has colorful tones that’s bright heavy.

For a guitar under 200 bucks, you’re not going to get an indestructible instrument. We’ve already warned you where the cost savings occurred. You shouldn’t be surprised to find your guitar won’t be able to withstand heavy abuse if you don’t give this baby some TLC.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re wanting a buy for the long haul, you might be really interested in the Yamaha APX500III OBB Thin Line Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Yes, it’s almost double the price of the Ovation, but it comes with the Yamaha name, reputation, and complete kit. You’re also paying for double the quality in this one too.

However, if that’s beyond your budget, come down 100 bucks and you’ll find the Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. We are so impressed by this affordable guitar that we wrote its very own review right here! However, for the exact same price right now, you can upgrade the quality and cutaway with the Fender CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar bundle. The bottom line on these guitars? They’re Fenders – a great buy either way!

Ovation AB24-RR Guitar Q&A

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Hardware/Electronics You’ll Need:

We highly recommend buying this guitar as a complete kit if you decide the Ovation is worth your applause. As a complete kit, you won’t need any extra accessories except for a gig bag to get started. Buying the guitar alone will cost you more than the kit package costs to accumulate all the necessary equipment.

Standout Features:

  • Smooth playability
  • Low action
  • Comfortable to hold

Our Verdict

To strum it up, the Ovation AB24-RR Applause Balladeer Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar is worth a hearty applause. It’s a beautiful and lightweight instrument that will get the job done and more. Save big and strum on!

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